KB6011 Contador Geiger Nuclear Detector de Radiação Dosímetro Beta Gamma exame de Raio-X 94PC

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€56.08 €70.99
  • Disponível
  • m583

  • Origem: CN(Origem)
  • DIY Suprimentos: ELÉTRICA
  • Modelo do dispositivo:
  • Certificação: NENHUM
  • Nome Da Marca: OOTDTY
  • Número Do Modelo: 94PC9FF100396-4011

KB6011/4011 Contador Geiger Nuclear Detector de Radiação Pessoal Dosímetro de Mármore Detectores de Beta Gama de raio-X Testador de



O ruído de clique de um contador Geiger(continuamente clicando)

100 segundos de exibição de histograma

Menos de 1 segundos elevados decibéis de alarme rápida (KB6011)

Exposição à radiação de tempo de contato estatísticas (KB6011)

Exposição à radiação de duração estatísticas (KB6011)

Turbo Q2.0

Retroiluminação, alarme sonoro totalmente aberta, a vida da bateria por 24 horas, o carregamento por USB!


Modelo do dispositivo:KB6011 /4011

Tipo de radiação: radiação γ,raios-X, partículas β

Inspeção do sensor: contador Geiger-Müller tubo

Taxa de equivalente de Dose:0.00~5000uSv/h

Faixa de energia: 48keV ~ 1.5 MeV ( de 0,52 µSv/h

Seguro valores:

The parcel went very long! I thought I 'd never come. On the box and on the device is indicated kb4011, although I paid kb6011. The functionality of the device kb6011, so the dispute did not yet open. All water works. I will not order more from this producer.
The description fits exactly.
Ordered the gadget on August 24 received on September 23. Packed was disgusting. Only in the native box and the celofan package without the navel, lucky that did not fail (I hope so, and then the reference does not check on nothing) in the apartment shows from 0.09 to 0.17 mksivert. Looks ok. Now about the device. On the box is a tick that the sensor 4011 and szade on the device is written 4011, and when you go to the menu of toning (long simultaneous pressing of the first and third buttons) there you can choose the settings of functions: кв4022-кв6011. Sensor Type: husne-smb20-naked. It was exposed to the kv6011 (slightly expanded functionality-see the last photo) with the mode kv4011 this will not happen. I think in an expensive detector there is a little better tube possible (smb20) but hardly. You can't figure it out yet, but I won't. By default, there are sensor settings: Husne and kv6011. In short, I recommend if you pack better but you can ask for it. Took on the action with a coupon for 49 killed henots.
Despite I preliminary informed the seller to take it seriously he intentionally sent me the cheaper KB4011 version the the Geiger counter. He refused to do a partial refund so AliExpress was involved and took my side. If you buy from here be ready to face a fraudulent. PS: lovely feedback of the seller about me below. Obviously AliExpress would take a side of a “bad buyer”.

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